Ethan F
English 7-C

A Bad Experience

I woke up one morning with my stomach hurting terribly. I got dressed, but I did not feel like eating breakfast. As I was walking down the hall, I threw up, and it hurt very much. Since I had not eaten the night before, not much came out. I stayed home that day. I threw up several more times that day, and it still hurt to throw up. It smelled very bad, and it looked like a yellowish, very watered down oatmeal. The room I was in felt like it got very warm, and all I did that day was watch television. I did not feel very well all day. I did not go to school the next day either because I still felt terrible. I kept on wishing not to throw up because it hurt so badly. My throat and chest were still hurting from the day before; however, later that day I did do some homework. It was a terrible experience.
Before this experience earlier this year, I had forgotten what throwing up felt like. Now that I remember, I will always remember; I am now very cautious of what I do when my stomach is hurting. Just like when Jonas received the memory of breaking a leg, this was similar to a new memory to because I had forgotten what it felt like to throw up. Memories are important in my life and in Jonas’, except that one person has all the memories in Jonas’ world. Memories are important, so you will be able to know how to face a reoccurring event. If you experience a happy memory, then you would want to experience it repeatedly. If you experience a sad or bad memory, then you would like to try to avoid that experience again. My life and Jonas’ life would be different if there
were no memories because people would have to go every day unaware of what experience was new and what experience had happened in the past.