A "Greasy" Moment
By Peter D

I have many good and bad memories, but one stands out the most. Last year I tried out for the play Grease. I had never really acted before so I thought I would get a small part. I remember when the cast lists were put up, I acted happy but really I was thinking that I would have a role where I walked on stage said one line and walked off. I wasn’t looking forward to this day. I walked slowly down the stairs, and saw a throng of people standing in front of the cast lists. I heard all of the excitement and sighed, “maybe next year” I thought. I weaseled my way through the crowd and finally forced my self to look.

“What?” I thought. I stood there stunned. Next to my name, the words DANNY ZUKO were written. I thought about it and I realized it couldn’t be right, I didn’t have any experience. I went to the drama teacher and asked her if it was a mistake. She looked at me and laughed, and I laughed along too, even though I had no clue what we were laughing about. “No, it’s not a mistake.” She said. Again I was stunned.

I walked to carpool with a huge grin on my face. I told everyone of my part and most people seemed impressed. When I got home after carpool I ran into my house. I immediately told my parents everything, and they were in shock, just as I had been. That night we went out for dinner and had a chocolate ice-cream cake to celebrate the wonderful news.

I would really love to have that experience again, because there is only one first time. The next time I auditioned for a show, I was more experienced and had done this before, so it wasn’t such a big deal finding out my part. My life would be a lot different if I hadn’t had this memory, because it gave me much more self esteem and a chance to really be introduced to acting. Now I love acting, and if I didn’t have this recollection I wouldn’t feel the way I do today.

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