A World Without Choice
There are many dangers in having free choice that can ruin lives. First, you can hurt yourself by making bad choices. An example of this is Michael VIck. He shamed himself by hosting dogfighting, which is an illegal sport. In the future, after he gets out of jail, no one will like him even though he has served his term in prison. Michael Vick destroyed his own life. People can also choose a path that can destroy their future. An example of this is the infamous Saddam Hussein. He created war in the Middle East, and everybody hated him for it. When he was caught, a court decided to hang him. Because of his actions, he ended up a hated man and then a dead man. Finally, you can hurt a lot of people if you choose to do the wrong thing. Osama Ben Laden started his conquest by getting followers who believed in him. He had them wage war on anyone that was not a Muslim. He has now created a war that has killed many people in the world and ruined many people’s lives. All of these things can happen just because of free choice. Free choice can end up killing lots of people and ruining lots of lives.

On the other hand, life without free will would be dull. Nobody would be able to have fun. This is because kids’ and adults’ schedules would be predetermined. It is in human nature to have more fun if you can try things out. Only after you try the things out, will you decide what to do. For instance, some parents force their kids to do certain things. When the kids get a chance to do something else, the kids jump ship immediately. The kids have more fun with this new activity, so they spend their life more enjoyably. People have to pick their own roads instead of always being told what to do by their parents. Even though free choice can be dangerous, life without it would be really boring.