Journal 2

My most painful memory was being adopted. Most people think that being adopted is wonderful. It is, but there are many feelings that I have of being adopted. First of all my mother was about 18 or 19 when she had me. She probably ran off with some random guy and they thought they were in love. They had a baby. He didn’t want to be a father or he may not have known she was pregnant. My birthmother probably wasn’t ready to have the responsibility of taking care of a child, so she gave me up.

Teenage pregnancies always scare me now because I don’t want what happened to my mother to happen to me. Getting pregnant at such a young age is something about which no one should laugh. It is very serious. I would never want the sadness of having a baby and giving it up because I was being irresponsible.

As I think back today, what if I had been given to someone that may not be a good parent. I am very thankful that I was adopted by good people. I have a great family now and I am happy as ever. As I got older I was thing about how my life would be if I wasn’t adopted.

I might have been raised by a teenager. My life may have been so messed up because she couldn’t take care of me the correct way. I might not have had a healthy environment or enough food. I may have died at a young age. If I wasn’t adopted, I might have not gotten the rich love that my parents give me today. A teenage mother isn’t able to give full love t because of other things she has to take care of in her life. That’s why I am thankful that I am adopted.