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Chapters 1-6, The Giver

Alex's Journal 1


Compare and Contrast Jonas' Community with your own community.


Venn Diagram



Though Lois Lowry's Community and our world both strive to become a utopia, we do some things very differently and others similarly. Some of these similarities are basic in the sense that we all have rules, for good and for bad. Though the rules might be different, they try to keep order, one of the qualities in a utopia. In addition, all kids go to school in order for us to learn and to be able to think. Keeping you citizens educated is another quality of a good utopia. Another similarity is that we have punishments, whether being killed/released or if you just have to apologise it helps create a threat to those who desire to break the rules. You also have to help the community through volunteer hours. All of these similarities try to create a utopia. However this does not allways work.
In our world, we are still faced with critical problems such as: war, hate, environmental destruction/global warming, poverty, hunger, greed along with religious and political differences. These are all things that the Community has gotten rid of but we are still faced with. Also different form the Community, information is accessible to all who desire it and we are much more technologically advanced compared to Jonas' world.
Some things that the Community has that we don't is assignments. They are assigned: spouses, families, children, and names. They also have ceremonies commemorating achievements and new responsibilities every year. Unfortunately for the Community, there is no color and they strive to make everyone look the same. A major difference is that all memories are stored with the Receiver and the Giver and are not accessible to all. Everyone strives to make a perfect utopia but it seems impossible due to the varying personalities of people.