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Alex's Journal 2


What is a “rite of passage” and why do you think they are important? (You can google the term “rite of passage” for
assistance. Be sure to explain it in your own words.) Give examples of different “rites of passage” that Epstein utilizes
OR research rites of passage in different cultures for weddings or coming of age ceremonies (use the internet to gather
descriptions). Why do you think the Epstein School or other cultures uses these rites? Why are they important to our


A rite of passage is an occasion in a child's life that symbolises a coming of age. it is important that kids realise that they are slowly becoming burdened with more and more responsibilities. In different cultures, these rites of passage differ to incorporate that cultures belief.
In Myanmar, the Poy Sang Long Ceremony allows 7-14 year olds to become novice monks. When translated, Poy Sang Long means Festival of the Crystal Sons. The requirement to complete this ceremony is that the boys must take many vows and must participate in a monastery for many months. The samurai have a ceremony called Genpuku. During the ceremony, boys are presented with an adult name, adult clothing and receive a special hair-cut. In Turkey young males have a sunnet. During this ceremony, boys wear a white robe with a red ribbon. They sit on a donkey and are paraded through the streets before the sunnet happens. The sunnet is a circumcision and after the sunnet the children are rewarded with many gifts for their bravery. The Kota Tribe in Africa paints boys faces with a light blue symbolising ghosts. They also bring gifts to holy sacrificial grounds.
These rites of passages are important because they help teach kids that we must be very responsible when they grow older. They are important to the communities because they help make sure that everyone is learning proper responsibility.