Ode Gallery

Sample Ode:
"Ode to Sparkle Jeans" by Mrs. Blattner

7A Odes

"Ode to My Blue Ribbon" by Haggie B.
"Ode to my hockey puck" By Josh E.
"Ode to The Cool Dice" By Jonah J
"Ode to My Blanky" by Josh B.
"Ode to an Old Violin Bow" by Jack G.
"Ode to the Red Sox Nation" by Gil EF"
Ode to a Passover Bunny" by Ashlyn P.
"Ode to Danabear" by Aliya S.
"Ode to my Lemon Juicer" by Eva S.
"Ode to my Grey Boot" by Ariel S"
Ode to a Gleaming Kipah" by Micha K.
"Ode to the Sparkling Trophy" by Jennifer G.
"Ode to Cooperstown" by Geoffrey N.
"Ode to A Baseball Cap" by Ari F.
"Ode to a trophy" by Eric C.
"Ode to my Sweatshirt" by Jamie H.
"Ode to Sheepy Shoes" by Kyra C.
"Ode to Coke"by Luna M.

7B Odes

"Ode To Junior" By: Jane F.
"Ode to a Crazy Creek Chair" By: HiLiT J.
"Ode to my Siddur" By Mindy F.
"Ode to the Game Ball" By Josh W.
Ode to my NHL Allstar Hockey Puck By Danny B.
"Ode to my Blanket " By Alex D
"Ode to 100% Cotton " By Miranda S.
"Ode to My Favorite Blankie" By Jennie F.
"Ode to my Baseball Hat" By Sam G.
Ode to Hannah Bear By Lauren B
"Ode to my Sailor's Hat" By Greg M.
"Ode to my mini motor-cycle clock" By Eran B.
"Ode to A Baseball" by Gavri S.
"Ode to My Blankie" by Sivan L.
"Ode to my Blanket" by Laura S.
"Ode to Play Program" by Peter D.
"Ode to My Blankie" By Nicole R.
"Ode to my Pillow" By Jessica A.

7C Odes

An ode to my Kippah By Zach B.
Ode to the Dawgs Watch By Alex E.
Ode to the Purple Tallit By Elana A.
"Ode to My Battered Tomahawk" By Adam S.
Ode to my Blankee By Carly Z.
Ode to the Little White Ked By Hannah M.
Ode to my Old Vest by Audrey A.
Ode to my Lipgloss by Sami B.
Ode to Tennis Plate by Mallory B.
Ode to my Jewish Star Necklace by Ariel S.
Ode to My 'Super Jew' T-Shirt by JoJo M.
Ode to My Special Scrapbook by Meredith C.
"Ode to an Old Pair of Shoes" by Gabi R.
"Ode to My Dog" by Jackie P.
Ode to my Peachtree Road Race T-Shirt by Michael H.
Ode to my Kippah by Barak Z.
Ode to my Homerun Ball by Ethan F
Ode to My Ramah Shirt by Natan G
Ode to my Magnificent T-shirt by Jordan R.