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The Giver by Lois Lowry
Topic: Theme

Background Information: Students in English 7 read the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry. As a culminating project, students were asked to create a movie trailer communicating one or more themes from the novel. Students utilized images from Flickr (creative commons images) and the slideshow tool Rock You (also creative commons music on this site) to create the trailers.

Movie Trailers:
"Love" by Gabi R. and Jackie P.
"Sameness" by Eric and Josh, 7A
"What If?" by Eva S., 7A
"Live in Color" by Ashlyn P. Jennifer G. Aliya S. 7A
"The world that is the same" by Gil EF, and Gindi
"Take You There" by Josh B, Micha, and Geoffrey
"Colors" by Jamie H. Luna M and Ariel S. 7A
"Sameness Baby" by Jonah J. and Ari F
"Imperfect World" by Kyra C. and Haggie B.
"A world without..."by Mindy F. and Laura S.
"Theme in The Giver" by Audrey A. and Carly Z.