Wiki Help & User Guide

Click on this document for a FULL USER'S GUIDE

A resource obtained from the tech wizard, Shelley Paul from Woodward Academy, Atlanta, GA

Log in to the site. You will then see the wiki called WritePostRead in the LEFT navigation of the page. Click on the link for WritePostRead. Use the directions on that page to help you!


Refers to you writing your ideas directly on your book group’s wiki page. Be certain that you are on YOUR group’s page when posting.

1. In the TABS MENU at the top of the screen, click on EDIT THIS PAGE. A new window will appear. This is a basic text editor, similar to a word processor.

2. Compose your answer. Double-check for edits, typos, etc.

3. At the end of your posting, use parentheses to type in your first name, last initial, and class section at the end of your posting. (i.e. JohnR7B) This will give you credit for your ideas. DO NOT USE YOUR LAST NAME!!! (Internet safety first!)

4. Click the SAVE button when you are finished posting.

5. You can always go back through the above steps to revise or change a posting.


Refers to you posting a comment in regards to a question already posted by your teacher. You must FIRST start on YOUR GROUP’S wiki page. Then, click on the DISCUSSION TAB to add your discussion comment. You will REPLY to the question posted.

1. Click on the Discussion Board TAB.

2. Click on the SUBJECT link. This will take you to a REPLY screen.

3. The subject line is already written for you.

4. Type in your reply.

5. Reread, revise, and edit.

6. Click on the POST button.